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Reply to "There's Nothing Like . . ."

Originally posted by Whirling Moat:

Alright bow...I won't argue with you..because that was the "Jam"...

I can remember house parties with that song about

But there was no song to "social" to like this one...

This song takes me back to so much love..and pain...

Whirling Moat

tfro Great Pick!

Amazing the power of music...just yesterday I was listening to a song that I used to hate so much, but then I stopped and said, "I am going to listen to this without the "negative" that I've attached to it previously" and it was like hearing the song for the first song...I was actually SINGING the song halfway through.

Music brings us to, takes us through and leaves us with various memories. I've learned that the "memories" are just's astounding the things we can encounter in life...and even more astounding the things we mature through.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Appreciating!"