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Reply to "There's Nothing Like . . ."

There's nothing like...

...relief! Wow! I am so grateful we actually get to "preview" associations before we actually have them in offline life!

Someone in here once asked if our view of someone changed as we got to know people through their posts....and I can honestly say that my view has changed unexpectedly.

....and it is astounding to me.

I am so grateful for the new associations I get to make with individuals that I don't "know", per say and can definitely attest to the fact that because we don't "see" each other, it is easy to take one another for granted.

Trying to focus on the positive, I find that WE seem to be more accepting of each other when we have actions we can work with. I believe a lot of these "discussions" hit close to home with so many because up until this point, maybe we all have had to deal with actions, circumstances and/or consequences that we COULD NOT work with; items that have altered our own beliefs and accepted modes of living.

...however, since we keep coming back to the table, I know that our "discussions" will eventually lead to more "doing"...if we can try to focus on the "bigger picture."

"Wisdom Is A Woman Grateful For Protection!"