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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Originally posted by ntellect:

As far as the scriptures relating to Amen, there's only that one that specifically uses the word Amen but there are a tone of others that give honor and glory to the Sun God Amon/Atun/Amun which are all derivatives of Amen without using the actual name but seeing that you are not an Egyptologist, you probably wouldn't see it that way. Especially seeing that you want to continue saying that all of this stuff on Egypt is mythology, although they are finding concrete proof every day in Egypt of the Egyptian Deities being actual living breathing beings and they are still digging. Smile


I keep asking for just one.

Instead citing some vague 'scholar' or 'archaeologist' or 'they' for God's goddamned sake, be specific and cite just one. Puhlease...

One more:

The English word "amain": Is it the same as 'amen'?

They look very similar... they sound alike... are they the same?

Hey HB, slow your roll. You know better than to use God's name in vain. "Goddamned." RLOL

You didn't address any of the things that I just posted but it's aiiight. Tell, you what. I'm actually in the middle of a move and migration of all our IT systems here at work. I will make my best effort to get these scriptures to you on this post by Friday.

Until then, Hotep. Oh, my bad, you're not an Egyptologist. So I should say peace.