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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

HonestBrother, you have every right to your opinion about this being pointless but to others, it's of ultimate importance. You say the word "Amen" is possibly not of Egyptian origin. Like I said, I'm a man of facts. Just show me when and where it was used before Egypt and I'll accept it. I couldn't begin to give you every scripture in the bible that pays homage to Egyptian Deities because there are so many but I could probably give you a good 20 off the top of the dome, if you would like. The entire biblical accounts come from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Enuma Elish and the Gilgamesh Epics and others. All of which I have read and researched. All of these predate any biblical scriptures by thousands of years. This has nothing to do with a word or two sounding alike.

So like I said, the biblical stories are just stories being re-told but the great people who performed all of this originally, was basically erased and another people put in their place.

You say Mary, Jesus and the virgin birth, I say Isis, Horus and the virgin birth. Foundation is the same other than Isis/Horus according to archeologists and historians, happenned 10,000 years before the biblical stories. Oh, and the people were different, the place was different, the names were different, etc.

When did exposing the truth become a burden of holding on to the past? You have to know your true past so that you recognize your true greatness and potential. Can't ever want to become a God again, if you never knew you were one. John 10:34, Psalms 82:6

In my opinion, you can produce better when you know the truth.

You say why the obsession with Egypt? Well, ask all the governments that spend billions of dollars every year digging up the graves and researching in Egypt. They know the truth but the average person doesn't and they'll do whatever they have to, to discredit it's true, original source.

Man, Egypt is in and around everything that we do and say. Just look around brother. From the all seeing eye of the Egyptian Sun God RA and pyramid on the back of your dollar bill,the way we build houses, the design and layout of the white house, washington monument designed by (Benjamin Banniker/African Moor/Egyptian Mason based upon a star system like the Giza Pyramids), worshipping on sun-day, Eastern Star and Mason oraganizations, to ending your prayers with Amen, it's always been about Egypt, the powers that be just don't want us to see it. We can deny it all we want and say it's all conspiracy but it's only a conspiracy if there's no proof to prove it. The proof is in the pudding all around us.

peace and blessings to all,