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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

Originally posted by ntellect:
Amen was never a Hebrew word. It was later pulled into Hebrew language. Just the phonetics of the word Amen alone, proves it's not of Hebrew origin. People seem to forget that Egypt existed before any of the biblical references or stories that are told OR documented in the bible. Historians and archeologists prove that Egypt was the first "civilization" of the world, not really but that's what history goes with. Thus, the Egyptian Deities names of Amon, Amun, Atum, Atun, Aten and yes even Amen, existed thounsands of years before it was added as the close of prayer in any religious scriptures. Regardless of what the Hebrews/Jews use it for or how the Hebrew language now defines it, it's origin is Egyptian.

ntellect, in your response to me, you told me a lot of stuff that I already knew or had heard of... My essential point was that finding a (possible) reference to an Egyptian god in the very last book of the Bible does not prove that the word "Amen" is of Egyptian origin nor does it prove that Christians are evoking an Egyptian deity. And it's quite a stretch to use one verse in one of the last written Biblical books to prove something about a word that occurs in other books written centuries before it.

Alls it means is that 2 words sound alike and that (perhaps) the writer of Revelation (whoever he was) made use of this coincidence... and no one on this entire thread has produced any evidence whatsoever that proves otherwise.

What's the point in all this? Meaning what's the point of weaving these elaborate historical fantasies about the past? - especially since , in my opinion, all you've accomplished is showing that perhaps Christian mythology owes a debt to Greek mythology which may owe a debt to Egyptian mythology... But that is the nature of civilizations. They borrow. (And by 'mythology' I just mean stories about gods and goddesses). OK... maybe they all ultimately borrowed from Africa. I don't believe this. But I have no problem with it being true. But still... so what?

Even if your claims about the connections are entirely correct (which I doubt) it's still like saying you're evoking the Norse god "Wotan" every time you say "Wednesday"... Are you really? Or have I just made a big deal out of nothing - just because the two words "Wotan" and "Wednesday" happen to be historically connected? Same with "Thor" and "Thursday"... So we're all REALLY Odin worshippers?...

No. It's an exercise in pointlessness... and no amount of claim making about Egyptian greatness millenia ago is going to make a jots worth of difference to contemporary reality.

As I've already said on this thread proving that your ancient relative invented the wheel is absolutely pointless if you're not building the best bicycle now... and that's not to mention cars and other types of vehicles.


If you're not producing, ENCOURAGING, and SUPPORTING mathematicians, engineers, scientists, architects, artists, philosophers, and theologians, etc. right now - IN THE PRESENT - all this obsession with Egypt - MILLENIA AGO - is pointless.

It might appear I'm on the "attack" but I never understood this obsession. It's insane. Precisely because it doesn't lend itself to producing anything now. It's stuck in the distant past. A form of escapism. Because it seems to avoid the present.

I'm not so much attacking... It's just that I'm FOR being productive now... and I'm sick of seeing us drain our energies into pointless pursuits... And IMO we do waste tons of energy on pointless pursuits.

As a people, we'd rather fund/support 10 preachers (as if we needed more) than 1 architect...

And in place of support, we talk about how great Egypt was 5000 years ago.

Fundamentally counterproductive IMO...
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