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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
I'm not so different than Fagunwa and Oshun Auset, yet being in college makes some people assume that I'm like Constructive Feedback.

There's nothing wrong with being like any of these people... I'm sure they're all worthy individuals in their own way... What I support is each of us allowing others of us the space we need to discover and be ourselves...

You can't support Black liberation without supporting the liberation of black persons...

By which I mean that it makes no sense to me when people claim to be for the freedom of black people and then proceed to put a number of moreorless arbitrary restrictions on what it is a truly free black person can think, experience, and be.

If we're going to support some "black scholars" like Cheikh Ante Diop, then we need to support the intellectual independence of the black scholar generally. Without that independence - to go where the evidence and your instincts lead - one can't truly be a scholar to begin with.

Hell... some days I'm like Oshun... Some days I'm like Constructive Feedback... Some days I'm like Empty Purnata .... You gotta live a little ... Big Grin
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