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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"


I'm claiming that ancient Egyptian is different from Hebrew

Well what would you say when someone points out that the habiru or hebrews are themselves egyptians for much of their history?

The Hebrew people were embedded in Egypt as we are embedded in america. this is consistent with the biblical version of history and the academic view.

Of course there are differences in dialect, however, they are closely related. they are both semitic. the semitic origin of Hebrew, and the language of the people of KMT is not actually disputed in academic circles.

Peraps "Amen" became a colloquialism for the hebrew...who knows...But one thing that I cannot see room for is the independent creation and usage of the same term with completely different meanings during the same period of time in such a small area. Anything is of course aliens could have secretly created the term...but if we stick to research, and logic, we will probably determine that the Hebraic usage stems from the Kemetic usage...