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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

Doesn't it work both ways?

I mean, to you who, believe for example, that the Greeks borrowed all their best ideas from Egypt, and are believed by history to be great on account of it:

Wouldn't it be in our best interest to welcome all the best ideas from Europe? I mean let's ABSOLUTELY plunder Europe for the best ideas it has to offer ... Not just Europe... But Asia.... Africa.... Let's dig good ideas from everywhere...including our own

And then use them to help us do * our own thing *?

Instead of shooting down our own thinkers with the tired charge of "it can't be right just because it came from European scholars" ?

Wouldn't your black intellectuals tend to be among the best judges of what the best ideas from Europe or other places are?

We just keep going nowhere with this knee jerk anti-intellectual reaction...
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