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Reply to "The Word ["Amen"]"

I've also researched AmenhotepIV/Akhennaten and found a close association with this word....Amen
Texas Star said:
The English KJ translation of the bible uses AMEN (which is not even an English term) The bible warns of worshiping the sun god. (AMEN RA= SUN GOD) And we go to church on SUN DAY and say AMEN. Everyone always wonders about those tombs in Egypt, and the symbols of Horus ISIS AMEN are all througout them. In the old testament of the bible it calls Lucifer the morning star. Above we show a similarity between HORUS and JESUS. And HORUS is also considered the morning star. Now in the NIV version of the bible, Jesus is called the morning star in the book of Acts. (I'll make sure and look it up)

I confirm that morning star is used in reference to Ayesu (original Akan name--not Jesus, Greek corruption) and also that the name was used to describe Lucifer, as well.


My point in presenting this topic is to question the christian meaning--christianity is not authentic, and literally/virtual came direct from the walls of the pyramids--the word therefore has origin that pre-dates the bible, Christianity and Judaism.

Understand that "christianity" tauts its weigh around like it knows what its talking about while clutching the bible in its claws. But the truth be told "christianity" hasn't even translated any of the names correctly.

Since I know Black Africans dominated Egypt--in the beginning the word--the word "Amen" has roots with them and their gods in blaq antiquity.

The 2-page information you presented is useful and I still think it is very interesting under a new, and different topic, that's all...

There are times when I respond to a post and look at what I added again and wind up making a new topic.

I didn't create the mean face on the off topic icon, Texas Star....!

Side Thought--here is an interesting link --
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