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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"


Are you HONESTLY trying to tell me and yourself that the Ausarian principles of KMT have not been effected by Arabic culture? The patriarchy in the NOI's teachings speaks for this alone!

The arabs were never given enough understanding to corrupt what was left in their care.

The Holy Qur'an Sharrief is a revelation which was never fully unraveled by the arab world of muslims.

The Book is what I am speaking of.

Islam not only travelled through the arab world, it was also emanated through the vessel of the African Moor. The Moors were able to maintain their own indigenous culture and demonstrate the beauty which results from the application of the principles within the Holy Qur'an.

African Islamic scholars such as Ibn al Arabi, and Dhu l-Nun Al-Misri, demonstrate the clear transference of ancient Kemetic wisdom to a new generation of Africans.

The Sufi doctrine is so close to what was taught in Kemet that there can be no mistake of its origin, and the manner of it's transmission. Dhu l Nun Al Misri, was himself a Kamite, and was said to have learned the ancient wisdom of the people of Kemet. He was able to read Mdw Ntr, and his learning in the mysteries is blatant in the ideology of Sufism.

The Sufi speaks of the annihilation of the self, and the joining of God in oneness, this is a process which includes music, meditation, study and purity, this idea mirrors the Kemetic teaching of man rising from Sahu, to Ausar. You will also find this as a core principle in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. "God In Person" is perfectly consistent with the idea of man aligining himself properly and becoming Ausar, God in Person.

Oshun, in your view when you see Islam, you see Arabs, However, this view is not my view. When I see Islam, I see a continuance of ancient principles which stretch even further into antiquity than the age of the Pyramids, and the carving of the Nile...

Dr. Ben John Henrick Clark and countless other African historians disagree with you and your NOI version of Islamic history.

I have been a student of the writings of Dr. Ben for nearly 20 years now, I can tell you with certainty that the beliefs of the NOI do not coflict with what he has taught. Dr. Ben is no fan of Islam as taught by Arab muslims. He is also vocal as it relates to his disdain for the Arab invaders who intentionally destroyed much of the infrastructure of KMT. Dr. Ben joins the NOI in the belief that the arab was ignorant.

Islam is not the property of Arabs...

Religion is the deification of culture -Dr. Ben

The practice of raising the dead in KMT was a religious practice, however in this case the culture was dominated by the religion. This was also the case for many Islamic states such as the early Moorish Empire which was heavily influenced by Sufism.

You can pretend that outsiders are the proper 'custodians' of African spirituality and culture if you wish...

The arabs were never the Custodians of the understaning, only the book. The Arabs have faithfully maintained the scripture in it's original form. Muhammad (pbuh) was a Rasul (Messenger) and thus like any mail carrier he was only a Mouth piece. God uses such mouth pieces to demonstrate the authenticity of the message. When such wisdom comes from the mouth of spiritual children like the bedouin, then the wise know to pay close attention. Muhammad was an uneducated man raised among a wild people, however the Qur'an evidences knowledge and wisdom which clearly could only be produced by someone of Supreme Wisdom.

Muhammad's standing and subsequent success was a demonstration of God's power.

BTW I do not take the Ausarian MYTHS as literalist prophesy{as you alluded to).

Have you read Metu Neter volume I and II? Do you agree with Ra Un Nefer Amen? Please answer this before I expand upon this portion of my reply.

KMT fell because of a succession of outside invaders like the Hyksos, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Marmelouks, and Arabs.

This is a weak excuse for such an advanced and powerful nation. No one could have invaded KMT without the willful neglect of those who were suppose to guard against such things. Most cannot fathom the advancement of Kemetic civilization. A nation responsible for the erection of the worlds most grand skyscrapers, a nation which leveled mountains, and organized courts, colleges, and circumnavigated the globe before most other civilization rose beyond hunter gatherere would hardly be the target of barbarians...Unless they allowed it willfully....

I am suggesting that they allowed the invasion....The setting Sun had to come..It was time.

You may want to revisit "The destruction of Black Civilization".

I am familiar with Chancellor Williams...Most scholars approach the subject of "What", however they are stumped when they look into "Why"...

Why did the great power of KMT allow for it's own destruction??? Why was the Priestcraft found instructing the very invaders who would later raise Set as the National Hero, and would defile the righteous culture developed over thousands of years?

Because they had to...It was Set's time to rule...It is that simple...

When Ausar would be found he would be founded in a strange land among a people unfamiliar with his name and tradition. It would be Auset, the Mother who by the power of Hekau would raise Ausar, and give Birth to Heru in the last day to make war with Set, and his Apepian Kingdom...Heru was the Son of the Ausarian mind, but he was represented as a lord of flight..There is something in this for those who would reflect....

Enter the baby called Islam, founded right in Puanit, the original land of God.

The Ausarian story is not literal history, however it is more than just stories about nothing...

Alright Sister, I hope you have stopped laughing by now... Smile

We have totally different views of history, which is often the case when I speak to NOI folk, So I do not see us as coming to any agreement

I am an individual...I welcome you to explore this with me..Perhaps we both can learn a few