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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"

Originally posted by Saracen:

(More laughter from me)


NOI logic for being Muslim sounds the same as the logic of African folks who refuse to deal with the historical realisites of X-tianity.
Why aren't the Europeans 'custodians' in the same manner for the Ausarian principles that are clearly visibly retained in that religion? Are you next going to tell me that Judaism and X-tianity have not been transformed all the years they have been influenced and warped under European patriarchy?

Christianity was not delivered to the European via Jehoshua the Karast (Ausar), the one the world knows as Jesus. Jesus was an iEssene High Priest and initiate into the Kemetic mysteries. The true teachings of Jesus is the teaching of the Kemetic mystery schools. The message was warped, however, enough of the pure message was preserved to clearly demonstrate a Kemetic origin.

You cannot accuse the message of Jesus for the failure and transgressions of those who uphold his name, nor can you blame the message of Muhammad, you must place the credit where it is due. Even the Shekhem of KMT fell victim to the devices of certain rebels of the Priestcraft, and thus the world of KMT fell. It was not a failure of NETER, or the system of Maat. It was simply a disease running it's course.

Those among the Priestcraft of Ammun understand that the light can remain hidden and the expression of Ra can experience several morphologies. The Corona of the Sun flickers and transforms by the instant, however it is still the same ball of fire and power. The devil seeks to destroy the light, however, the light is old, and wise, and knows best how to conceal itself and rise among new people in foreign lands. Once again perhaps you should revisit the tradition of Ausar, Auset and the finding of Ausars body among foreigners. This represents the birth and rise of Ausarian principles among a foreign people during the reign of Set.

Your post was very flowery but it is not dealing with the fact that both X-tianity and Islam have been 'transformed'(since you don't like the word stolen) under FOREIGN INVADER CULTURES AND PEOPLES TO AFRICA. There is NO WAY around this historical fact. No matter how much the NOI doesn't like to admmit it.

I have no problem with the idea that foreign invaders diluted the message of Ausar Seph (Musa), Yehoshua (Jesus), and Muhammad. My probem is with those who suppose that there is no remnant of the undiluted teaching of the Messengers of the One God.

Culture is fluid, it is not like the mathematical example you used. Religion is the deification of culture. Any religion that spent even a couple hundred years in the hands of the enemy of African people is going to become transformed into the deification of THAT culture. If this is not true than why is X-tianity so screwed up? The NOI openly admits this about X-tianity, why not Islam? Obviousely the Arab and European had the same monstrous behavior towards African people(colinization and enslavement)Why is one oppressor the 'custodian' of 'granted' knowledge while the other one isn't? That is not logical.

The religion of Christianity was not corrupted by the actions of those claiming it. The religion of Christianity was hijacked and the name stolen by those who had a different idea of what to do with the following of Jesus. The Council at Nicea invented the religion called Christianity, Jesus was added as a spice to it, however what is taught is not his pure teaching.

The scriptures of Christianity were changed. The scriptures of Islam were not changed. The same Holy Qur'an is the same book in an unadulterated form. The same criticism cannot apply.

MAAT didn't come to Africa(as you well know), it was created INSIDE OF AFRICA by AFRICAN people. MAAT was not 'lost' to us. Only people that believe that poppycock about us 'being enslaved because we had fallen from the true path of God'(the true path is always someone elses path) believe that crap

Maat was first raised on this side of the deluge by those who settled in the Nile Valley..the message was taken South by the priestcraft thereafter. The message arrived oftimes with Kemetic culture and also as a result of warfare.

We are in this mess because we were fighting along too fronts and that created massive internal problems. That is how most wars are lost. X-tian European invaders to the West and Arab Muslim invaders to the North and East. Both came with the sword and their foreign 'developed' religions that deified their respective cultures and dehumanized us. You can deny it, and talk around it as much as you want but the truth the truth.

You are still talking about people, I am focusing on principle.


Are you HONESTLY trying to tell me and yourself that the Ausarian principles of KMT have not been effected by Arabic culture? The patriarchy in the NOI's teachings speaks for this alone!

Dr. Ben John Henrick Clark and countless other African historians disagree with you and your NOI version of Islamic history.

Religion is the deification of culture -Dr. Ben

You can pretend that outsiders are the proper 'custodians' of African spirituality and culture if you wish...

BTW I do not take the Ausarian MYTHS as literalist prophesy{as you alluded to).

KMT fell because of a succession of outside invaders like the Hyksos, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Marmelouks, and Arabs.

You may want to revisit "The destruction of Black Civilization".

We have totally different views of history, which is often the case when I speak to NOI folk, So I do not see us as coming to any agreement.