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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"


Yah, the truth often is.

Indeed it is...Mote it be.

The Nation of Islam can refuse to credit whomever and whatever they do and don't want to. That doesn't make it historical fact, or even a logical deduction for that matter. Just like Judaism and X-tianity, Islam is based on the branch of the Kemetic teachigs that was adopted/stolen/plagerized/borrowed and DEVELOPED into a seperate religion under the patriarchial foreign invaders known as Arabs. Just like the other Abrahamic religions, these folk use the deification of their culture(Islam) to oppress and exploit Africans.

History tells a different story. The origins of Islam can be found in the tradition which holds that a black man came to the Bedouin named Muhammad and instructed him onto a very ancient path. Prophet Muhammad was a student of Islam, not it's originator. The NOI is not inventing this claim, it is one of the most important and pronounced aspects of the prophets identity.

Islam is not based upon Kemetic teachings. Islam is Kemetic teachings offered in a different language. The adept will not become confused by the changing of the variables. In mathematics, x may represent 5, if I say x + 5=10 then the hidden variable becomes plain, you know the meaning within the symbol because of an understanding of principles. If I change the variable to N, or R, or any letter, it will not change the meaning of the equation nor will it change the method for solving the problem or the answer.

The names, and the language is interchangeable, the principles remain the same.

Now, I would advise you to take a closer look at the history of Ausar, and you will find that he took the Kemetic traditions into other lands, and taught the people in their own language. Therefore what you criticize as being a copy, may have an original signature...Take the focus off of the failures of the arabs, and focus upon the principles in the religion of Islam and you will see this.

The facts point toward Islam being granted, not stolen...

The peace is in the application. Islam came to Africa with a sword. The Arabized Fulani Jihadists are the one's who destabalized West African and made it easier for the Europeans to colinize and enslave us. Do I even have to mention the North African conquests(still continuing today in the Sudan) and East African Slave trade?

No. Arabs came to Africa with a sword. It would not be accurate to say that Maat came to Nubia with a spear.

The people who believe in a religion may transgress, or they may act without a proper understanding. Your accusations should be hurled at the people and not the principles of Islam. If such was the case, a person would be able to indict the Church for every wicked action performed in it's name. This logic is terribly flawed. The failures and insanity of a physicist, does not bring physics into question...

As you know, I know plenty about Maat, but just like the other Abrahamic religions, what the religions say, and have historically done to Africans are two different things. The underlying message in X-tianity is supposed to be that of 'peace' too, and we all know how 'real' that is.

The religions say nothing in the way of exploitation, and destruction. This was the failure of students who did not understand the teacher.

"One who knows the original does not accept a copy."
- an Akan proverb.

Yes, but one who has forgotten the original should appreciate one who comes to teach them in a language that they can understand. The knowledge of self was lost. You raise the importance of Malcolm, making nomention of the fact that without Master Fard Muhammad, and the Nation Of Islam, you would never have come to know that man.

More planely spoken... Why, with all your KeMeTic knowledge would you accept the 'memorex' version of African spirituality? BTW, the object of Ifa is Iwa Pele, good character...the aligning of the ori is only part of the method to ataining this...but that is neither here nor their.

I am a student of science.... I don't follow any way just because of how connected it is to Africa. The caucasian came into the core of Africa and conquered it. They didn't give a damn about our invocations, oracles, and libations, they brought guns and whips and beat the hell out of us. They crushed us right within the seat of our spirituality. Africa is underdeveloped, and plagued because we forgot our own understanding of principle.

I see the cleanest version of true principle and order arising out of the practice of Islam. I find that the Black Nation rose to conquer the world when they remembered what was revealed within Islam. We ruled The East and West from Africa when we were able to connect to correct principles.

So again, why accept the unlearned/foreign (IMO patriachial and lacking/glaringly obviousely out of balance) version?

Because as a student of history, and science, I understand that there is a general theme to the events on the planet. The light of Africa was lowered until total darkness fell upon the ancient path. I understand that such things are cyclical, and that part of the effect of the rise of light is that it appears strange to those who are used to traveling by torchlight.

the practice of our people in Africa was as close as they could come to the ancient trail while living in a dark age. The Priests of indigenous african religion will admit that their own tradition is a derivative of a more ancient way which was lost. The old trail is to be restored, however after the fall of the Setian man and his cities.

Islam represents the arrival and awakening of Her Em Akhet, and the fall of Set.

The arabs were chosen as custodians of a hidden knowledge which would not be fully unfolded until the very last days of Set's rule on this planet.

I'll expand upon this some other time....

Actually, in my youth I was a member of the NOI. I attended mosk #19 in Inglewood California, so I know exactly of what I speak. I don't have any contempt for him, I have contempt for the ridiculousness of the claim that Islam is indigenous to Africa and is not the foreign religion of the other AFRICAN oppressor. Considerig the Yacub theory, Farrad's appearance is quite amusing IMO.

Muhammad Ibn Abdulaah was a Arabian. I think everyone knows this..The problem is that you are staring at the letters I-S-L-A-M. If Islam meant "water", no one would have a problem agreeing that Islam started before 1400 years ago. If Islam meant "money", no one would have a problem admitting that money was around before the 6th century...Islam means Peace...How old is Peace and submission to the Will of the One God? Did Muhammad(pbuh) invent the practice of submission to God's Will?

Islam is not a forgery, Islam represents the changing FACE of a hidden light. Which is not poised to fully rise into prominence.

Elijah Muhammad was trying to organize our people again like Garvey did(he was a Garveyite) He knew Indo-European JudeoX-tianinsanity was a major stumbling block in our freedom. He took up Islam to get us away from that mess(VERY understandabe), and also because he knew that us Africans naturally organize around a spiritual base. Mistakenly, he hooked up his org. with another oppressors religion, probably out of the ignorance of this fact(It was not commen historical knowledge during his timeframe).

This is just wrong. Yes, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a supporter of Garvey, however the NOI was not modeled after the UNIA. The Nation Of Islam has a very distinct theology which cannot be tied to Marcus Garvey or Noble Drew Ali..

What these two movements had in common was a common philosophy as it relates to Nationalism and self help.

I would and have always worked with NOI economically and politically. I admire the organizations discipline, but the 'Destruction of Black Civilization' and other historical works clearly point out that Islam IS NOT native to Africa. Unlike members of the NOI I cannot believe something is true when all the historical information proves it as false.

The truth is that Isalam was revealed to Muhammad by an African. However, this piece is really non consequential at this point.

The question should not be the Africanness of a belief system but the truth of it. Islam is our ancient tradition, however, in order to see that you have to look beyond the surface...

There is an african proverb which says "Atemo a Ngola tu limbukila vulengo". Meaning, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

That being said, I don't think the NOI had anything to do with Malcolms assasination. Those were FBI/CIA agents.