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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"

Originally posted by Saracen:

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
This thread was funny as hell. I haven't stopped laughing since the NOI guy accused people that don't believe 'their' stuff as 'listening to the white man'. Like Islam isn't from Africas other colinizer/oppressor(Arabs). JudeoIslamichiristiansanity has god to go.

Not to even mention this dude...

Wallace Farrad Muhammad

Come the hell on.

Malcolm died for us just like Martin. We can know what they both were about from their own words which are well documented.

Fuck what YT or the NOI says.

Oshun, I think this statement is kinda harsh.

Yah, the truth often is.

The Nation Of Islam does not credit Arabs for the creation of Islam. We agree with the Arab world that the Arabs were the last to receive a message which our people already had for a very, very, long time.

The Nation of Islam can refuse to credit whomever and whatever they do and don't want to. That doesn't make it historical fact, or even a logical deduction for that matter. Just like Judaism and X-tianity, Islam is based on the branch of the Kemetic teachigs that was adopted/stolen/plagerized/borrowed and DEVELOPED into a seperate religion under the patriarchial foreign invaders known as Arabs. Just like the other Abrahamic religions, these folk use the deification of their culture(Islam) to oppress and exploit Africans.

"Islam" is an Arabic term, however the meaning of "Islam" which is peace, or Universal equilibrium is a very well known and accepted concept among our people going back into the far reaches of antiquity.

The peace is in the application. Islam came to Africa with a sword. The Arabized Fulani Jihadists are the one's who destabalized West African and made it easier for the Europeans to colinize and enslave us. Do I even have to mention the North African conquests(still continuing today in the Sudan) and East African Slave trade?

In ancient KMT we called this concept Maat. Maat represents balance, peace, and universal order. In the Ifa tradition practitioners are seeking inner peace by properly aligning the Ori.

As you know, I know plenty about Maat, but just like the other Abrahamic religions, what the religions say, and have historically done to Africans are two different things. The underlying message in X-tianity is supposed to be that of 'peace' too, and we all know how 'real' that is.

"One who knows the original does not accept a copy."
- an Akan proverb.

More planely spoken... Why, with all your KeMeTic knowledge would you accept the 'memorex' version of African spirituality? BTW, the object of Ifa is Iwa Pele, good character...the aligning of the ori is only part of the method to ataining this...but that is neither here nor their.

Islam, as revealed to the Bedouin Arab, was new to the uncivilized, however, to the old african it was simply the same truth revisting through the form of one unlearned.

So again, why accept the unlearned/foreign (IMO patriachial and lacking/glaringly obviousely out of balance) version?

Oshun, I guarantee that you do not know the man Wallace Fard Muhammad who you have maligned. Even if you reject the message that He brought, I would think that any student of African faith would respect someone who did so much to uplift our fallen people. He was one of the first to teach the lost children of Africa that they were not Negroes. He was one of the first to raise the inner person of our people.

He was jailed, and prosecuted on our behalf.. Perhaps you do not agree with his message, however, he has provided no basis for your contempt.

Actually, in my youth I was a member of the NOI. I attended mosk #19 in Inglewood California, so I know exactly of what I speak. I don't have any contempt for him, I have contempt for the ridiculousness of the claim that Islam is indigenous to Africa and is not the foreign religion of the other AFRICAN oppressor. Considerig the Yacub theory, Farrad's appearance is quite amusing IMO.

Elijah Muhammad was trying to organize our people again like Garvey did(he was a Garveyite) He knew Indo-European JudeoX-tianinsanity was a major stumbling block in our freedom. He took up Islam to get us away from that mess(VERY understandabe), and also because he knew that us Africans naturally organize around a spiritual base. Mistakenly, he hooked up his org. with another oppressors religion, probably out of the ignorance of this fact(It was not commen historical knowledge during his timeframe).

Many of the Pan African leaders that I simply adore, like Garvey, mistakenly supported Zionism back in the day thinking it was going to be a socialist state, and not realizing that the Azkenazm were actually European converts who aligned themsleves with the aspirations of imperialism. That has now been shown to be the case. That doesn't mean I respect Garvey any less. But I also don't have a problem stating that he was in error in his belief.

I would and have always worked with NOI economically and politically. I admire the organizations discipline, but the 'Destruction of Black Civilization' and other historical works clearly point out that Islam IS NOT native to Africa. Unlike members of the NOI I cannot believe something is true when all the historical information proves it as false.

That being said, I don't think the NOI had anything to do with Malcolms assasination. Those were FBI/CIA agents.