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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"

from the democracy now interview - this is manning marable talking about alex haley rewriting, changing or altering certain text in malcolm's autobiography:

...What is striking is that from almost from the very
beginning of certainly by September and October of 1963, as the book was
being constructed, that Haley was vetting -- asking questions to the publisher and to the publisher's attorney regarding many of the things that
Malcolm was saying. He was worried that he would not have a book that
would have the kind of sting that he wanted. He was also concerned, to use
Haley's phrase, about the purported anti-Semitism of Malcolm X, and so he began to rewrite words or passages in the book without Malcolm's knowledge....

do you believe this? if you do, does that mean you have to accept that "the autobiography of malcolm x" should really be described as an "autobiography" - quote/unquote, as bro. wazir stated it? evidently the book is not an "autobiography." evidently the book does not portray a true history of malcolm x that has not been tampered with, changed and altered by those who had an agenda to demonize the NOI and further advance integration and the COINTELPRO-type goals of the FBI.

so those of you who have read the "autobiography," and have had great respect for it over the years - what do you think about someone of manning marable's status saying these things about the book? his words indicate that malcolm's true history/biography has yet to be told.