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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
I would agree its highly unlikely but very practicle.

Use the same process as you do with plants. Africans have a dominant and recessive gene (meaning can produce the blackest of pigmentation or the whitest of the white of pigmentation Albino) whites only have the recessive gene, you could have a colonly of lets say light skin people and keep grafting until you get the recessive gene, meaning only producing Albinos.

Um, no, no, and NO. "Dominant" and "Recessive" genes are present in everyone, for just about every different trait you can imagine. OK, here's another of my infamous overly simplofied explanations:

Let's say you have allele A and allele a. These are two versions of a single gene.

Let's say AA=red, and aa=white

If A is heterozygous with a, meaning Aa, but the output is still red, A is dominant and a is reccessive because a requires two homozygous alleles to be expressed (aa). Any gene (or allele) which masks or hinders the effect of another gene is dominant. Any gene or allele that requires a homozygous pair to be expressed is recessive. If Aa gets you an intermediate, like pink, then the alleles are said to be co-dominant

Black Africans with no Caucasian genes will never create a Caucasian person. While the original modern Homo sapiens was probably "Black", a white baby didn't just appear suddenly and voila, white people. If you were to take African albinos and breed them for generations, you would likely get a group with pale skin and red eyes, but as far as their other features are concerned, they'd still look distinctively Black. Race is based on more than skin color. So yes, Black people can make a "white" person, but this is a "pigmentless" person who is otherwise phenotypically Black. Furthermore, two white people can make a "Black" baby. There is a pituitary condition called Nelson's syndrome, of which hyperpigmentation is the most obvious sign. Thus, a lily white couple could produce a child that is quite brown.

At any rate, your theory doesn't hold up because using your logic if I took a group of very swarthy whites and made them breed for a few thousand years, I'd get a Black African. Uh, no.

None of the above involves grafting. And just for good measure, humans have been around far longer than 6-10 thousand years.