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Reply to "The True History of Malcolm X & the NOI"

Originally posted by 1milehi:
for the THIRD time - did you even read the article umbra?

good god amighty!

as far as NOI mythology - what does that have to do with the information in the interview ... the interview that you didn't even read and yet are all up in the discussion. what are you afraid of?

the NOI teaches that white people were grafted out of black people .. you know grafting, the scientific process that white folks are utilizing today in their labs? if you think that is mythology what is your explanation for how white people came to be on the planet?

let's hear it.

I was originally gonna stay out of this thread, but as a student and lover of evolutionary biology, I simply can't let that one pass.

White people "came to be" in the same process as all other people. As a member of NOI, I understand you may be opposed to evolutionary biology, and thus have little regard for what I'm about to write. Even so, there is a wealth of information and evidence which give credence to the field, so whether you accept it or not is a matter of faith and personal belief, and not lack of evidence on the part of Science. Now that I've finished my disclaimer, on to the science part!

Modern humans all evolved on the African continent, most likely in Eastern Africa. From there, there were several waves of migration, with some groups going to other parts of Africa, and the rest making their way through all the habitable continents. As humans dispersed into new habitats, time, selective pressures, and genetic drift acted upon them. Some traits were more successful for certain environments, thus over eons (assuming these environmental conditions were relatively constant) these traits were positively selected for. Traits which proved to be too much of an hindrance were negatively selected against. Thus good traits propogated and bad ones were shoved to the wayside. Now, some traits were "nuetral", meaning they had no negative or positive impact on the individual or group as a whole. Sometimes these traits would go away on their own, other times the frequency of these traits found within a population would just happen to increase, to the point where it was common for most people to possess them. This is random drift to fixation.

The populations within each migrating group may have come from one originl mega group, but each subgroup may have had certain random characteristics. When these groups are isolated and small, prolific mating will produce inbreeding, which would circulate those characteristics at a higher frequency. Each subsequent generation that breeds increases the frequency of the characetristic, until it becomes fixed within the whole popuation of that subgroup. This is called a bottleneck, because a relatively few people who mated streamlined their genes into a ballooning population. When groups are isolated, there is little to no gene flow between groups, thus some populations will retain or develop characteristics not found in others.

Gene flow bottleneck, selective pressures, and random drift is what created so many unique ethnicities, of which White Caucasians are one. You may ask how they got pale skin or blue eyes. Just last year a study was published which showed that pale skin is the result of a combination of alleles for a pigment gene which does not "turn on", so to speak, and thus produces little pigmentation in their melanin. The reason their genes for this trait didn't "turn on" could be selective--white skin had an advantage in colder climates--or it could have been a random, nuetral mutation in one person in drifted to fixation. Or it could be that it was originally a nuetral mutation, but new selective pressures turned it from neutral into advantageous. The same can be said for blue eyes.

OK, that is an extremely simplistic argument, but I hope it correctly conveyed what I'm trying to say. Sorry 1milehi, but this myth of some evil scientist grafting white skin onto Black humans a few millenia ago is, scientifically speaking, utter BS.