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Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker at the 5th Annual TV Land Awards on April 14, 2007, in Santa Monica, California.


EUR Exclusive: Jimmie Walker on Relationship with Ann Coulter.


*In a recent interview, Jimmie Walker went on and on…and on about the love he has for his best friend Ann Coulter. Let’s take a moment to let that marinate.


“Ann is Ann,” the “Good Times” star told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “She’s a great woman, I have nothing but good things to say about her.”


Using words like “adorable” and “sweet” to describe the right wing talk show host, known for using racist rhetoric in discussing her conservative views, Walker brushes off her polarizing antics as part of her pundit persona.


“She does the Ann stuff,” Walker concedes. “But she’s just a beautiful person. I adore her. …She’s a very, very nice person and I’m lucky to know her.


“I have nothing but the highest respect for her, and I’m thoroughly impressed with everything she does – whether she’s writing Sarah Palin stuff or doing whatever,” he continued. “I’m thoroughly impressed with her.”


So does that mean Walker shares her political views?



“No, you know, Ann does what she does when she works for Fox, obviously. But she’s not just Fox,” he says. “She’s other things, too. She’s extremely bright, she’s beautiful and I’m honored to have anything to do with her.”


Walker lavished his repeated praise with a straight face and appeared to be serious about their relationship, as numerous photos of the two together at various events suggests.


His “Good Times” co-star Bern Nadette Stanis ("Thelma") was sitting next to him during the interview and co-signed his sentiments, even going so far to say she believes Jimmie and Coulter are actually dating.


“The best of friends, truly, they are close,” Stanis said, although sounding a bit tongue-in-cheek. She then whispered to Walker, “I was gonna say what you call her – but you can’t say it on TV.”