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Reply to "The Texas 10% Plan"


As you indicate, we are where we are, reference to segregated schools. But the real intent will come full circle when the Vouchers and charter School Programs become universal.

Many of the "intelligent" Blacks like the idea of these type of "separate but equal" educational programs, and the State of Iowa has started the Ball rolling with the separation of an entire School System, by Race.

The Blacks, Hispanics and Whites will have their own school system with their own School Board, but they say, for the near term, that the money will be equal, based on need.

I guess y'all believe that, but for someone who has been involved in a separate and unequal School System, separate will never be equal, but some Blacks will never understand why.

With Vouchers and Charter Schools becoming the norm, it's only a matter of time before all Races will end up with their own Schools. But what Blacks and other Minorities don't know now is that they will have to eventually Fund their own systems out of their own Tax Base, and it might be too late for Blacks to complain by then.

There are some Blacks who seem to think that they can create a quality education System to teach and train students to function in the "Real World" when they don't have any inside control in this Real World.

That's one of the reason why separate will never be equal. All Students have to learn in the same System so they will be expected to be taught the same information. Keep one thing in mind it's expected that they will all have to go to the same place to take the employment Test to qualify for a Job.

But if you went to a different System and were taught different material by a different quality of instructors, you might not have the same knowledge as others who went to a different System that made up the Test. To me, it sounds like something ain't right.

For the forseeable future Blacks will be trying to get employed at Business Firms own and managed mostly by Whites. Which means that you have to meet their standards, so it's imperative that Blacks stay on the same Page or in the same School System studing from the same Books, and being tested on the same subject materials as others. Otherwise they wont be competitive.