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Reply to "The Texas 10% Plan"


I don't think we are on the wrong Track, but to clarify my point somewhat, in most States not all Campus's of a major School usually has the same rating as some of the other Campus's.

As you indicated in your other Post Prairie view is a part of UT also, but I doubt if it has the same Rating as UT at Austin. A school can be a part of the system but not the same quality of education, just like the University of Illinois's top rated Urbana Campus. Not all other UI Campus's are ranked as high as Urbana.

The University of California is another example, even though they have more than one top rated Campus since they specialize in specific things. But USC at Long Beach is not ranked up with Berkley or Davis. Then again, I don't really know about the Administrative Structure of these State's Educational Instutions, i'm mostly rambling off the cuff.

But back to your original comment, maybe I didn't state it very clearly, you seem to be confirming what I was trying to say.

There is not enough Slot for all the Applicants who apply to the Top Schools, so they have to end up going to lower rated Schools in the system, or trying to get into a top System out of State, which I expect many would do.

If I wanted to go to UT at Austin, I wouldn't have Prarie View or Southern as my second choice. It would be more logical to apply to other Schools of a similar rating. That's what Students normally do, even if it cost more, but they will have to finance it anyway.

I would estimate that under a 10% Program, UT would get maybe 10 times more applicants than they have vacancies. The norm for top Universities nationally is 4 or 5 times, and some of the truly elite schools have Rooms full of Applications.

You mention Community Service, etc., but the most significant items in many of these selection processes are the so call Honor's Courses, and unless it a mostly Black High School, Blacks are not encouraged to attend these Classes.

Anyway, any data about the progress or success of Educational Programs coming out of Texas has to be taken with a "Grain of Salt" since this State has a History of rigging the numbers to indicate some form of success, and now they have taken this same "fuzzy math" to the federal level with the "no child left behind" Program.