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Reply to "The Texas 10% Plan"


I was under the impression that almost all of the HBCU's were State Supported, and in a 10% System, considering drop-outs, etc., thats where most of the Graduates from mostly Black High Schools would end up.

But from what I read from Faheem Post, it seems as if the 10% Program is working well for Blacks, because many of the "White's" who graduate from the top rated High Schools are not able to get into the 10% Group of their own high rated Schools, and this is where the complaints are coming from.

I don't see that working like that, because there are more high rated mostly white high schools that there are black and latino high rated schools.

Take for example: UT has 500 openings for Freshmen, and there are 600 Applications from the White Schools and 300 from the Black and Latino Schools. My question is, What's the selection criteria? One would have to think that it would be SAT, GPA, and High Schools Course of Study.

Under that type of Rule it would be anticipated that lew from the lower ranking Schools would or could be selected, based on the number of slot (500) that are available.

While, many Blacks and Latino's who had a lower overall GPA is able to get in the 10% Group in their lower rated School. The thing that supprising to me about what Faheem stated was that their "Washout" Rate wasn't inflated, at least somewhat.

I know from experience that the Course of Study, equipment, etc., at some mostly Black High Schools (Universities as well) are not the same.

In most Universities we already have data on Students who graduated from lower rated high schools who didn't have the necessary course material needed to compete, and in many cases it shows that extensive Remedial Courses is required, and the drop-out Rate was higher than normal.