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Reply to "The Texas 10% Plan"


I didn't understand your Statement about Clinton, so you should re-state it. Anyway, Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, wasn't he!, and where did he meet Hillary orginally? Was it Yale, my memory is a little shakey right now.

Powell was one of the few gifted Leaders who was lucky to get to the higher levels of government when top Politicians were looking for a Black to use as an example. Both Democratic's and Republicans were able to benefit from having Colin in their group.

To comment on your "suspected" statement a bit further, why don't you total up the Leaders in Business, Education, and government and see how many "don't" have degree's at one of the high rated institutions. That would be the easy thing to do to comfirm your suspicions.

Most of your Military Leaders come from the Military Academies, most of your Cabinet Secretaries came from either an Ivy league Institution, a Stanford, A Northwestern, a Duke, etc.. The ones who got their Bachelors from a lower rated University, has an advanced Degree from a Major University.

Anyway to extend your comment a bit further, the University of Texas at Austin, which I think is a State Supported School, is rated high among State Supported in the Country.

Anyway, in a 10% System many of the 10%'ers would apply to UT at Austin, but I doubt if UT would have the Space for any significant number of those 10%'ers. And I think the Institution has the final word on "Selection Criteria".