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Reply to "The Texas 10% Plan"

I don't know that much about it since i'm not from Texas, but as we say on the Street, "it's a trick-bag thing", designed to keep Blacks, and some other minorities further behind educationally.

Here's my understanding of the 10% Plan: The top 10% of the Students in all Texas High Schools would be guaranteed entry to a "State Supported" College/University.

The Fault lies in the idea that entry is to a State Supported College/University, but most of the "Top" Schools in the State and in the Country are not considered "State Supported".

Many are classified as private institutions, and the 10% Program would not have an effect on those Schools admission policies, but keep in mind, most of the Future Leaders of this Country, both in Government and Private Business/Industry are usually Graduates of these top Schools. The Yale's, the Harvard's, the Standford's, the USC's, The Rice's, etc.

So if your intent is on the "Brass Ring", this program will put you on the outside looking in, and your goal for greatness or leadership in your chosen profession might leave you just a little bit short when you have to compete with the "Big" Boys/Girls from the top rated private schools.

Also, they are usually the ones who make up the Test for those Employment Exams, and Professional License that you will need to move up the ladder in your chosen field.

So the 10% Rule was just a calculated move to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the Blacks in the same manner that they have done in the past.

The Statement I just made is just on the Surface, there are also other disadvantages to the 10% Rule. Like, if 90% of the 10% decide not to go, and those in the 11% or 12% would like to go in their place, but can't get in.


Originally posted by ma'am:
What do you think about the Texas Ten Percent Plan?

Would it be good to implement nationally?

Is it a good replacement for Affirmative Action?