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DDouble, you sir, have my vote!!!! Big Grin

I like ddouble.

But (and no disrespect or malice intended) ... dddouble is not all that impartial ... he only plays one on a message board.

None taken.

The current "problem" is a result of the board being "laissez faire". Self-policing has been a failure. Until concrete standards are in place, this type of thread will keep cropping up.

In my opinion, a good moderator works to keep conversations flowing. Based on the Intelligent. Black. Community. mission of the board, I think a good moderator would do the following:

1)Monitor all "hot" threads; the portal page ID's topics getting the most views.

2)Take over responsibility for reviewing all reported posts.

3)Create a clear definition of flaming, baiting and other trolling tactics. This would be stickied at the top of each forum.

4)Create a corrective action sequence for members that violate 3). This would include warnings by PM, warnings within thread, temporary bans as well as permanent bans. This would be stickied at the top of each forum.

5)Move threads to The Big House, delete posts within or lock in original forum (on a temporary or permanent basis) based on how quickly it devolves vs. quality information within.

None of these would prevent healthy debate or discussion. Everyone would have a guideline of permissable behavior on this board.

Then the choice would be simple: follow the rules or find another board to frequent.

If "bias" is a potential worry, choose a willing member that you believe to be a good counter-balance to the other moderator(s). If no one else is willing to do this work for the board, then IMO, the worries about bias are over-inflated.

I enjoy in its totality enough to commit to the thankless task of moderation. I would hope there are other people here that share my opinion.

P.S. - Props to you catch! That was some funny stuff! beer