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Originally posted by Kweli4Real:

I propose that we, you and I ... but mostly you ... let this sh!t go. I could go back and cut and paste from each of those threads and conclusively dispute each and every one of your points as factually and/or intellectually dishonest.

But the fact is I have no interest in doing so ... it just ain't that important. [I][and no ... this is not some backhanded admission of that you have bested me] [/I] The fact is, anyone that has an interest, and a 8th grade reading comprehension level, can go to the threads and see what you said and what I said. And by doing so, would clearly see that you have cut and parsed, distorted and taken both of our remarks out of context, to the point of oblivion.

But in the end so what? The fact that you would engage 4 pages in a quest to show yourself to be the victim of some vast "you're picking on me" conspiracy speaks unflattering volumes about the person tagged Romulus. And quite frankly, you have done far more to reinforce my initial assessment of you as a fragile-egoed, insecure to the point of delusion, attention seeking, drama-junkie, than anything that I could done or would have thought of investing the time into doing.

So my proposal to you is that we move along. Cool?

If not, then STFU and pass the damned greens.

Son, the laws of socioelectronic physics do not apply to me. I am a proverbial dead man walking on by design not by error. These empty charges of my being "desperate" or "playing the victim" are pathetic and ineffective. Everybody hates me remember? And people that play the victim role or act out of desperation do so because they feel they have something to lose such as, in the case of being a member on this discussion board, social status and comradery. I have no desire for either considering, first of all, the necessity to facilitate healthy relationships is fulfilled with face-to-face, real world interactions. Secondly, one already has to abide by the sociological rules as mandated by society in order to maintain healthy relationships as it is, which means one either has to keep his or her thoughts and opinions to themselves or fabricate personality characteristics that would be more acceptable by the general populus in order to peacefully coexist. In that regard it isn't necessary to restrict my thoughts and opinions on a discussion board, particularly since the idea of joining a discussion board is the expression of thoughts and opinions.

With that being said, your feable attempts to lie, distort, redirect, deny, evade, deflect, deviate and distract are futile. You cannot deny, deflect or deviate from the truth, kweli4real. You were forced to concede to the person you chose to make your adversary and in every case you came out the loser. The person you conceded to was me and it's burning you to the core. The truth hurts and it's a jagged pill to swallow. In your arrogance and pomposity you challenged every idea I presented and you did so without any knowledge or evidence to support your opposing position. Furthermore, in your blind overconfidence you utilized uncalled for, excessive insults. Therefore, you suffered the consequences for your overbearing obnoxiousness, arrogance, insolence, and ignorance.

If it wasn't that serious, if it "ain't that important", then why did you waste over two years of your time trying to oppose every idea I presented? If it "ain't that important", why are you working so hard to defend yourself against what you consider to be intellectually dishonest? The fact is, you cannot wish away the truth. You cannot STFU the truth. No amount of support from other members can make the truth disappear. No amount of lying or distorting can lessen the blow to your ego. You can't deviate from the fact that you didn't know Florida state personnel have the right to use reasonable force to restrain students. You can't deny that you didn't know there were psychologists that had the credentials to write prescription for drugs. You can't distort the fact that not only do banks have a fudiciary responsibility to protect their customers' identity, they can also do engage in the act of restoring their customers' identity as some banks have been advertising that fact at least since 2005. You can't lie you way out of this, kweli4real.

The best you can do is simply stop contaminating future threads with obviously childish behavior.