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Reply to "The Spiritual Problem With Modernist Art"

Rights of the Artist:
- the right to express themselves without censorship
- to not have to defend or explain their work
- not to live a reclusive life of poverty
- the right to credibility

At first look I agreed with all but one, which was, the right not to have to defend or explain their work. The more I thought about why I didn't like that idea, the more I felt like the other three weren't beneficial either.

1. The right to express themselves without censorship.


This right gives anyone the freedom to be deliberately offensive. This right ignores humanity, and the fundamentals of ethics/morality.

I'm not saying that we should go to every house and snatch 'offensive' art out of their possession, but they should NOT be able to publicly display their offensive material.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul.
Artist should be held to the standard of acknowledging this.

2. To not have to defend or explain their work.

This should be the highlight of an artists life. The problem here is that some artist create aimless material without any progressive conceptual ideas, and then pawn it off as art. When asked to 'interpret' this art, they reply 'it's art'. This does not fly

3. Not to live a life of reclusive poverty

This one is cute

4. The right to credibility

Isn't this earned?