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Reply to "The Spiritual Problem With Modernist Art"

Lots to respond to in your previous response to me. I'd prefer to break it down into chunks so I can get through it, and also not be overwhelmed by a wall of words. OK?

If we do try to avoid labels, what happens? I think a lot of our understanding disappears.

while 'logical' minds could shake their heads in agreement with the above statement, I disagree. [I'll have to go back and study where I may have categorized you - aside from your being christian?]
IF we toss the labels aside, them maybe 'we' begin to understand things. Labels and cliches become faded and jaded and not so much meaningless from overuse as tired.

One thing the west is so good at is categorizing. Strip away the labels and categories and suddenly people have to be intuitive and self-expressive.

Most people don't want to attempt that in case on 'the road less travelled and signposted with authentic academic labels and agreed viewpoints' reach into their pockets to pull out maps of cliches, or trip over some original ideas, and fall on their semantic arses. Wink

What happened to asking people (in the West) how they feel about something? Western thinking is good at logic and disecting and measuring but what about instinct and intuition and sense and nonsense and play?

Isn't that the real appeal of New Age Angel Cards, Tarot, and Dream Kits, Witches Kits etc...being 'allowed' to authentically play?

If you strip away a few levels of authentication and categorizing then what happens?

You've said what you think of Modernist Art, but that you think it is has a Spiritual problem. How does this spiritual problem affect you and how does it make you feel?

Feelings aren't necessarily wrong or right... they are just feelings. A lot of art is about feelings no matter whether it has a political context or a spiritual context or no message at all. That is why I've tried to inject the idea of the creativity of the work back into the discussion, art is not an inanimate manufactured item, it is alive.