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Reply to "The Spiritual Problem With Modernist Art"

Originally posted by HeruStar:
Censorship is oppressive; just as oppressive as morality. I think they're both neccessary.

For instance, at the University of Texas, their is some serious racial tension. With this environment, along came an artist with a bright idea. This (white) artist, made a lifesize manican doll of a black woman with one baby on one arm being breast-fed, and a needle hanging out the other arm, their where other stereotypical images being portrayed by this "Art", but those two stood out. This 'art' was infact publicly displayed.

As you've stated 'art' is provocative. How does one prepare for being provoked, mocked, ridiculed, slandered, socially and mentally abused, all in the name of 'Art'?

You can ignore this post, because it's full of rhetoric. Just wanted to prove a point.

Some artists, like some people, are assholes and need to be ignored. No code of ethics in the world can raise someone's IQ

But I don't think any artistic "code of ethics" or any censorship rule could screen out an example like the one you cite without also targeting a lot of works I might enjoy.

Even in this instance, as offended as I truly am by the image you've conjured, I'm against censorship.