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Reply to "The Spiritual Problem With Modernist Art"

Originally posted by HeruStar:
Looks like you have a few Counselors/Psychologists on your hands Melesi. Very much unconcerned with your views on art, but extremely concerned with diagnosing you and handing out a few 'artistic' prescriptions (purposely fragmented).

bar humbug... Big Grin or should I say...
Incorrect. I am MOST concerned about Melesi's musings on art. Wink

However I am not trying to be patronizing or arrogant - and if I am, it pales in comparison with some massive doses that preceed it - I am trying to open the door a little wider. If that's being seen as trying to shut the door and stub Melesi's metaphoric 'toe' in it, then you've misread me.

Anyhoo... what's a little pop psychology among friends? Smile

But we can all go on ad finitum like a chain reaction... lol

and no doubt we will... laugh
coz it's fun.