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Reply to "The Spiritual Problem With Modernist Art"

I don't particularly care if they write or paint in a way easy for me to understand.

Deep breath. I think the above sums it up.

ok Melesi... I reread your post and a few things occur to me that would make a point-by-point response from me futile.

- I disagree with most of what you say.

- You may have a casual passing scholarly interest in art but I see you have no passion for it whatsoever. Art is intuitive as well as scholarly. It can be historical and political but it is always passionate and always unique. Classic or modern, noone can ever be 100% accurate and aware of it's message and intent unless you know the artist personally and ask them. As enticingly close as they can get to knowing their subjects, all art historians inherently know this.

- Like a lot of people do, I think you are making lots of assumptions about what, how and why people create. And even if they should or shouldn't. Eek

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and disagreement is healthy. Smile If I detected some kind of underlying passion behind your words that prompted your questioning art (and therefore some connection to it) then disagreement or not I would happily continue a discussion with you.

I also believe - and I am not saying this to be provocative but because I think it's true - that your own religious perspective is getting in the way of your being able to enjoy, understand, interpret, appreciate, question, interact with art.

Unless of course it has somehow been 'authenticated' spiritually or otherwise. I can't imagine anyone who is all-knowing enough to do that. Roll Eyes

In your mind, does art pose questions or provide answers?

A question to consider if the mood takes you... if you were to paint/draw a picture what would it be about and what would it say?
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