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Reply to "The Sons and Daughters of Hip Hop"

In my opinion the problem is not the fake gangsta wannabees or the talentless thug-mugs.

There has always been gangsta and hard-core sides to hip-hop.

It's just that now only the negative gets any face time.


The same reason i like the Sopranoes, I get a graphic look into the life of an Italian mobster. I get to see the violence, the sex, the depravity of these people that i will most likely never come in contact with. Just like the white middle class teenager gets to see the gansta pimp negro in all his depravity.

The Hip Hip that is promoted is not promoted for the entertainment of black people. It's promoted for the entertainment and voyeurism of middle and upper class white people.

Even though music that is the OPPOSITE of this is still made to promote it would mean empowering the people you are exploiting.

One way this can be stopped is if cats stop creating bullshit businesses like "thug-juice" and Smurf-daddy's "bling rims" and start owning radio stations, everybody got a damn record label but no one is a distributer. Or if the cats that cater to the lowest common denominater to get paid start making uplifing music once the've made their fortune.

Another way this can be stopped is if we the people who's lives are affected by this "culture control" stand up and demand a fair and balanced representation of our culture.

And by the way I love hard core music, just like i love conscious music, but being over 30 I grew up hearing both sides of the coin, these kids aren't hearing anything but the ass end of the mule. They don't know that their is more to it than what 106 and park expose them to.

For those of you of the previous generation who want to help expose kids to better music why not buy some conscious Cd's and give them to the thugs on the block (or the teenagers in your family?).

For my radio station I made a mix cd of conscious hip hop and gave copies to the bootleggers and asked them to them away to people for free.

I posted a link here awhile ago to a form you could send the fcc to complain about the music you hear on your local station (the link is no longer active but all you have to do is google fcc complaint form). Take a stand, stop complaining about it and do something.