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Reply to "The Sons and Daughters of Hip Hop"

Originally posted by HeruStar:
I'm assuming that the conscensus for the dissent is that Hip hop artist should be "held accountable" for the harm they are causing our culture.


If anybody should held accountable it should be the parents for not having the time to teach their children the "art" of self-expression. Shame on the parents that filter the Black art, depriving their child of understanding self-expression, keeping him/her close-minded and socially detached from the black existence.

As I've said. Hip hop is a form of escapeism. The most compelling and fascinating form of expression to this day.

Hardly any of the voices of hip hop are saints. Their real people with real problems, and mistakes. This makes them more tangible. This makes their expression more intimate. I can only think of one artist that blatantly disregards quality in character. For the most part however, these are good-hearted individuals, which IMO assures that they are making quality music.

Both must be held accountable unless you subscribe to some kind of infinite regress, i.e., at some point as adults, one has to take responsibility for their actions and not put it on someone else. That is what it means to be an adult and not just grown. That is what it means to be a person of character.

Also, I believe that we all need outlets for self expression and release, but escapism? That is a dubious proposition to my mind. How is escapism revolutionary? How is escapism socially transformative? Instead of something transformative, it sounds like it is an abdication of responsibility, an avoidance, and quietism.