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Reply to "The Sons and Daughters of Hip Hop"

blackoutloud ...

That was quite a mouthful Smile

But, I only have two comments ...

First of all, I'm not understanding what part of "I will reiterate that I don't find the entire concept of hip hop as a total undesireable entity." are you not grasping?

Let me put it to you point blank. I do not and have not ever condemned the hip hop generation as a whole. I know too many of every kind of youngster who is a part of it. But ... the rap video/entertainment/music industry part of is more so than less disgusting and void of any sort of social redeeming quality. I find it indefensible and morally repugnant. And that's the long and short of it.

So now ... we are left, in our conversation, with -- we obviously agree that the entire realm of the hip hop generation is not doomed to hell. And we either agree or disagree on the opinion that, generally speaking, rap videos and (and the artists who perform them) present a negative, stereotypical image to the world of the Black community. I am of the opinion that it does. What say you? Yes or no?

Secondly, of all of those social ills that you mentioned and especially the ones you attribute to the previous generation leaving and creating for you, how many songs/videos have been made that are not only articulating all of that, but offering a solution to cure it? And who are they?

In other words, okay, the school system is failing. How many videos are or have been that address fixing the school system? Or the deficit? Or the lack of adequate parental guidance? Or not enough jobs? Or poverty ... Who has videos detailing how to overcome poverty? You intellectuals ... who has made a video about them? Is the industry not big enough to perpetuate the good as well as the bad? Is balance unnecessary because it is non-existent? Why can't I see all the good things about the hip hop generation on a video, instead of hearing about them from you?

At any rate, I have to reiterate ... it's not just what you do, but how you do it. If you do not understand what that means, it's okay ... because someday you will. Of that I have no doubt. It's just a matter of whether that time is now or not! Smile

Oh, and one last thing ... throughout this thread, some names of artists that you have referred to as "leaders" of your generation have been mentioned. And I got to thinking this morning about some of them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ...

2Pac and Biggie, were both violently killed by gun violence perpetrated by their own kind, weren't they?

And R-Kelly ... isn't he indicted on child molestation charges?

I believe 50 cent and The Game are involved in some kind of dispute that has encompassed gunfire, aren't they?

And Puffy ... wasn't he the one in that shootout at a club, who reportedly convinced his body guard to take responsibility of unregistered gun in his vehicle?

And who is the young girl going to jail for perjuring herself in front of a grand jury? Isn't she pretty popular?