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Reply to "The Sequester: Myths And Facts"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:
So because an economist from MIT didn't understand what hewas looking at in 1999, disqualifies anyone else from understading what went on?


That makes no sense. 


If a person (or body of work represented by an institution) gets something wrong, its understandable to question them and why they got it wrong or why they should be trusted with their data now.  What doesn't make sense is to then claim that everybody is wrong because they (from that institution) was wrong.


There where A LOT of people know predicted this, but as is the trend in many areas they where not listened to then, and people still make excuses to not listen to them now.

There are always lots of people predicting lots of things all of the time.  Some of them are bound to be right some of the time.  If they happen to be right then suddenly they are GENIUSES.  How many of them are ever right about anything important again?


A certified expert admitting that he doesn't understand something is very unusual.


We have built an interactive system that is too complicated with technology throwing in random monkey wrenches.