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Reply to "The Sequester: Myths And Facts"

Originally Posted by Xumbrarchist:


So if he said that in 1999, why does anybody think they know what is going on now?  They are talking bullsh!t and they don't know what will affect what.




Amen to that, Xum!!  


One of the most SHOCKING things about the economic crash in 2008 that left me  ....  is that the majority of the so-called "experts" .... and NONE of the housing/financial corporations themselves that actually CAUSED the problem even saw it coming!!  


While they (or at least any other rational, intelligent persons) could CLEARLY see that the numbers were NOT adding up and would NEVER add up at the rate they were going .... most of them were completely and totally SHOCKED at what happened .... and even MORE stupefied that they couldn't stop the bleeding once it started ... 'cause they actually had NO idea 'what went wrong',




While the President certainly didn't "single-handedly" cause this sequester ... it WAS his idea.  And he did it, mostly .... NOT for reasons to necessarily "help" the American public .... or even to push the Republicans into a corner ... (although the fact that it has just turns out to be a nice 'unintended consequence' for him .. and puts him in a much better light)!!


But .... he did do it in an effort to FORCE a debt-solution for the economy .... and the ("all about money") Republicans JUMPED on it ... 'cause it was actually the type of thing that THEY would have wanted to suggest themselves!!  If they had thought of it FIRST!!!  


They considered it a victory ... that the President was 'cow-towing' to them ... and since they had NO intention of letting cuts to Defense go through ... they just KNEW that they would have the President over a barrel in those negotiations ... and would be able to get the cuts they wanted to entitlements (which are NOT part of this deal).


And why did they think that??  Because they're STUPID!!!  And didn't think things through.  They NEVER think about the "later down the line" affect of what they say they want (which in their limited brains only considers the thought of "more money for me and mine").  And NEVER think about ... how their proposals to get it might actually work against them!!


Well .... this sequester thing??    It is working against their dumb azzes right now!!    The President is milking his second-term-victory and a strong sense of public support for all it's worth .. and he can - and has - been able to turn this whole thing around into his favor ... and successfully backed those Republicans into a very tight, very small corner!!  And they will now have to give up MOST of the farm in order to get out of it!!  Or risk more 'public rath' if  they choose to hurt the economy (and jobs!!) by NOT giving in!!


Republicans are never able to avoid problems before they happen ... they only (usually unsuccessfully) try to find solutions after the damage is done because they're too DUMB to even see what's going on while it's happening ... and then end up scratching their heads ... confused and stupefied ... wondering if anybody got the license plate of the big-ass bus that just ran over them and left them flattened on the ground!!