Reply to "The 'Separate-but-Equal' Charter School Scam"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

The "market ideology" has been so normalized that people see it as the only way to construct or approach solving any problems.  Not noticing that its almost NEVER a means to solve anything.  It AT BEST provides a cooping mechanism for the people while the problem continues.  



I agree with you, MC.  However .... my thoughts about this are that .... while, yes, companies have "normalized" this nation's current "market ideology" for their own financial benefit in the eyes of "the people" ... their deceit can't be solely blamed on their (the company's) greed!!


Unfortunately, apathy and ignorance help perpetuate the current unfairness of the capitalist system ... and too many people know nothing about what is being done to them ... how or why it happens ... let alone realize that they actually can do something about it.


I don't ascribe to the thought that "This is the way things are and there's nothing that can be done about it."  There's ALWAYS something that can be done about something .... if the will exists to make that change.  If there is anything that the "Occupy" movement did right it was to bring attention to the wealth and financial disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots."  But, unfortunately that's about ALL they did ... was to inform.


They had NO plan .... NO will ... and produced NO active concept as to actually DO something about the problem.  So the end result is no more than that more Americans now know they are being bent over by the capitalist construct that is our economic system.  But too many more don't know, don't care, and/or are too focused on other things (like reality TV  ) to mount a proper objection to it!!


Furthermore, I don't feel like "capitalism" in and of itself is necessarily a bad thing!!  Properly regulated (and proper oversight over that regulation) COULD make capitalism work for everyone!!  Yes, the basic concept behind it is that a company could, should and will make as much money as it possibly can to maximize success!!


But ... the more important and operative words in that statement are NOT the "make as much money as possible" part .... as most people conceive it to be.  No, the MOST important part of it is ".... AS IT CAN"  .... with the emphasis being on regulated limits as to how companies can perform.


NO corporation is going to NOT do business with/in the U.S. ... no matter what terms are imposed on it!!  They DO and WILL adjust to whatever changes they are FORCED to accept ... because of the end game of "making as much money as possible"!!!


One such piece of evidence of that is the (discreet) change of direction of Big oil and gas companies!!  Knowing that when President Obama is re-elected he has every intention of passing his "clean energy bill" in his second term, millions - if not billions - of dollars are now going into research, development and in some cases, the actual formation of green/clean air techniques that these companies will GLADLY switch over to ... if and when it becomes the edict that they do so!!


Another is the current change in where the medical profession profits are now going ever since the President's health care reform bill is kicking in!!  While there's still a disgusting amount of profits being made within the industry, it is no longer insurers who are reaping revenue rewards most ... but, the "hospital systems" as conglomerate providers of the actual health care itself!!! 


And now insurance companies are scrambling to find a way to merge their services with hospital/clinics to restore what's being ciphered from their coffers!


When ... or I should make that IF ... the American public EVER decide to pay attention to what's happening in government, the economy, and every other major factor of life that involves them ... CHANGE (for the better) can and will happen.


But .... you can't solely blame these companies for taking, taking, taking .... when the people they're taking from are steadily, and through ignorance, willingly giving, giving, giving it to them!!  I believe a "happy (capitalism) medium" can be reached ... once we, as a people, recognized that there is a need for it.