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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

Apparently, instead of reaching out in that way, you've "reached out" to and felt it necessary to listen to, ask questions about "What It's Like To Be Black" with the idea that it's "valid" which, I guess, means that somehow that actually is productive towards... understanding White Privilege??

it's not that I'm not listening... quite the contrary.

I am thinking a lot about what it means to be white and white priviledge. And I do ask questions of myself and other white people. It's an ongoing process and I am doing the best I myself can. I am also thinking about what can bring an end to white 'attitude' and develop consciousness about being white as well as how to build bridges that lead to equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

I see all of that as quite a large thing to think about. Sorry if haven't gone from A-Z fast enough for ya, but it is a journey. Roll Eyes

My views on Black and White America have changed quite profoundly since I joined AA. So my reading here has been more beneficial than you know. I had not even heard the term 'white priviledge' before AA... so excuse me, but I've had a bit of a learning curve.

So yeah, I may have a heck of a way to go, but I'm determined to take the journey. There is value in the links and info people here suggest - I do need time to follow them up, digest them, think about them.

I also post here because I genuinely like the people here and am interested in everyone as an individual - not whether they are black or white or green or striped.