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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

Well, ART_GURL, with JWC weighing in as EVERYONE (other than me) *lol*... It would seem that, in all your questions, with all the answers you're "looking" for, with all the answers you've gotten... Well, it's clear that you're just not listening.

There is nothing to be gained by engaging in discussion to 'educate' European-Americans, or European America. Both are 'consciously ignorant', as in invincibly ignorant.

We do not owe such an effort to either African America, or America herself.

That ignorance, of the European American, is a cultured, and treasured perspective that successfully resisted all efforts to effect change.

That 'promised land' is not that of the 'American Dream', and we are still waiting precisely because we keep asking.

When [we] ask [for a meaningful Dialogue, for actual meaningful change, etc., etc., etc. and God-forbid, equality/parity] the answer is ALWAYS 'No.'
So, AG? Are you listening?

You have been given information, rather freely I might add, about "what is needed for equal rights, equal opportunities..." But somehow, because of some pre-set idea you know you have ("two sides")... you're just not listening - responsibly.

You can't pretend, claim or feign ignorance and once you get information that doesn't fit your pre-set notions reject it because you feel like that information doesn't give you THE START YOU WANT. A start you want for your own selfish purposes. Neither can you convince someone else that what's actually in your clear interest, for your clear benefit (alone), is also in their benefit.

A STRAIGHT LINE, AG. Why not the straight line?

This whole entire conversation highlights how you both would rather not think about White Privilege et al and how you're trying to guard or save Whites, even White Americans, from having to think about White Privilege.

Note: The only thing you "want white people to get out of the dialog" is not to have to focus, directly, on White Privilege and White Supremacy. You'd rather they "listen and understand" something else entirely. Otherwise, you would be on a White American message board (or an Australian one) talking about, trying to learn about, asking questions about White Privilege.

Apparently, instead of reaching out in that way, you've "reached out" to and felt it necessary to listen to, ask questions about "What It's Like To Be Black" with the idea that it's "valid" which, I guess, means that somehow that actually is productive towards... understanding White Privilege??

This is about White Privilege, isn't it?

Have you ever seriously thought how you're going to get to a process where you(we) "End White Privilege (and Imbalances)" while not focusing on White Privilege at all?

The only thing I "want white people to get out of the dialog" is to listen to and understand what is needed for equal rights, equal opportunities for all people on the planet.
Think about that.

Not a mention of how Whites who you yourself say, hardly ever think about White Privilege, are suppose to confront it.
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