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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

I almost hate to add to this already clear issue.


Without simple cynicism, there is nothing to be gained by engaging in discussion to 'educate' European-Americans, or European America. Both are 'consciously ignorant', as in invincibly ignorant.

We do not owe such an effort to either African America, or America herself.

That ignorance, of the European American, is a cultured, and treasured perspective that successfully resisted all efforts to effect change.

That 'promised land' is not that of the 'American Dream', and we are still waiting precisely because we keep asking.

When you have to ask the answer is ALWAYS 'No.'

Our 'promised land' is parity in our society.

And...the parity parameter in the American society is ancestral nationality.

Color can never be a parity standard in a society which constructed dominance on the basis of color.


Jim Chester