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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

What do I want black people and white people to "get out of it"? An end the imbalance of "white priviledge" to create a truly inclusive human race.
A straight line is always the direct route. Why the detour?

Why would White people need to know "What It's Like To Be Black"... why would they need to "listen" to anything like that when you say the object is to End White Privilege?

A straight line...
Very few white people ever think about 'being white' and what that means... white privilege.

Okay. Why isn't White Privilege - i.e. White people taking it upon themselves to examine White Privilege - an INTRAracial Dialog you're trying to seek?

You're saying the problem is WHITE PRIVILEGE. What's so difficult about White folks having a Dialog amongst themselves and actually taking the time to think about What It's Like To Be White? Instead, for some odd reason, you want them to listen to What It's Like To Be Black. How does that accomplish your own declared goal?

The only thing I "want white people to get out of the dialog" is to listen to and understand what is needed for equal rights, equal opportunities for all people on the planet.
I don't recall asking you that. I do recall asking you:
What do you feel a "Race Conversation" will accomplish?

Unlike you, I don't assume White people are ignorant of what it takes to achieve "equal rights and opportunities." I don't assume White people are that dumb. There is a difference between being ignorant and just IGNORING what logic, common sense, intuition and every type of thing that indicates what it takes.

I asked these two questions:
1. What questions should white people be asking themselves?
You say you want an end to the White Privilege imbalance. That's pretty easy. Any and everything that explores, examines, interrogates and exposes White Privilege.

FYI, it is my opinion that White people are the ones best qualified to pose the type of questions to elicit the type of response and reflection and reACTION Whites should have. So why are you here asking Black folks questions you should be asking White folks?

What part of examining White Supremacy and White Privilege don't you understand? What is in in the make-up of White folks that makes you believe they won't or can't question themselves?

Like I said, I believe White people are uniquely and the most qualified to talk about and understand their own experience and, likewise, White Privilege. Now, in this Dialog, you tell me why that isn't so?

2. What questions do African Americans want to ask white people?

-you've answered that question - and for everyone else it seems.
No. I answered it for myself. If you wanted everybody else BUT ME then that's what you should have said. Honesty is crucial to Dialog.

1. Why didn't they tell us [white people] the truth?
2. What made white people think they had the 'right' to invade other countries, plunder their natural resources, economic and natural wealth?
3. Was it/is just a white mindset to want to 'control things' to control and exploit everything - people and the environment?
Are you asking White people that now? Apparently you're not asking White Americans anything.

Dialog isn't all about knowing Nmaginate but it certainly helps initiate dialog or conversation, a discussion, or musing or whatever it is you want to call it.
I asked you, plainly, simply:
What is your idea of a "dialog"?

You said: "I don't exactly know..."
So you can't put that on me.

What do I want black people and white people to "get out of it"?
That, too, is not what I asked you. I asked you what do Black people get out of this "Dialog" idea of yours which is basically convened to help White people. To help White people by having Black folks talk. You would have to ask "What Do Black People Want To Ask White People" if you had an idea of what Blacks stood to gain, to learn from the talks, themselves. What you keep describing, keep preferring is a ONE WAY STREET.

The only thing you could articulate on your own, unprovoked, was how White people could "Learn What It Is Like To Be Black" or something to that effect. What you did not articulate is how THE TALKING about "What It's Like To Be Black" was suppose to be of some benefit to Blacks. What do they(we) get out of the process? Realistically??

You said something about you see "two sides"... Well, what does knowing "What It's Like To Be White" do for Blacks? How does it educate or inform them(us) toward that end of ending White Privilege?

Where are the TWO SIDES?
How are you going to settle an IMBALANCE when the very process you talk about is steeped in an IMBALANCE?

Apparently, Black people have to do the bulk of the work. You don't require White people to to talk about "What It's Like To Be White" and that, not for Black folks sake per se, but for their own.

Nope. They're off the hook for that. You know, it's everybody's responsibility to get White folks to talk???

TWO SIDES?? Where? I see a One Way Street.