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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

Seriously think about how you do have an idea about what you want the Dialog to be about and how the process you prefer is really all about focusing on helping Whites. That is unless you can articulate some actual benefits Blacks are suppose to get out of the process you keep referring to. The clearest articulated goal and purpose for this "Dialog" is White-centered.

Only helping white people begin the as you call it "truth-telling".

There and elsewhere, besides saying how you want White people to get something out of the exchange, you have said nothing else about your expectations, what you feel a "Race Conversation" will accomplish and what's in it for Black people.

The only thing I "want white people to get out of the dialog" is to listen to and understand what is needed for equal rights, equal opportunities for all people on the planet. In this instance I am talking about African Americans and white North Americans.

What do I want black people and white people to "get out of it"? An end the imbalance of "white priviledge" to create a truly inclusive human race.

You keep telling me this is not a dialog... or even a conversation, well those are my hopes and expectations.

I asked these two questions:
1. What questions should white people be asking themselves?

2. What questions do African Americans want to ask white people?
There is NOTHING Black people "want" to ask White people about "What's It Like To Be White." That's pretty trivial"

right you've answered that question - and for everyone else it seems.

These are two of (many) my questions:
1. Why didn't they tell us [white people] the truth?
I am talking about the "telling" of Australia's and Europe's history, including the exploitation and occupation disguised as 'exploration', Australia's Stolen Generation. Especially institutionalized history as told in education and media pre-1980's.
There is value in knowing, and equal value in unlearning.

Jarrod Diamond said he spent the last 30 yrs trying to find out why there was so much inequality in the world. He found lots of answers mostly tied to colonialization and invasion. The question I want to ask is:
2. What made white people think they had the 'right' to invade other countries, plunder their natural resources, economic and natural wealth?
3. Was it/is just a white mindset to want to 'control things' to control and exploit everything - people and the environment?

Dialog isn't all about knowing Nmaginate but it certainly helps initiate dialog or conversation, a discussion, or musing or whatever it is you want to call it. If you are discussing a style of architecture, it helps to know a bit about the culture, climate, social needs and population.

As for Clinton's deal... What Impression Did You Have In Terms Of What It Set Out To Accomplish?

I don't know the history of whether this 'dialog' had any benefit at all, which is why I mentioned it. What I hoped it might accomplish is to put black issues (community, political and social) on the agenda of government, whether that eventuate in changes in education, funding for health or business initiatives, whatever. Did it achieve anything positive or anything at all? The 'general mood' I get from posters is it didn't, but I don't have any specifics to understand why not. And yes I will follow up on those opinions online.

How can anyone get answers without asking questions?
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