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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

I am still trying to understand 'how' the whole process of dialog did halt...?
Seriously, you would have to tell me when an actual process of a Dialogue even began, in earnest. And that's the thing. In my thinking, an earnest attempt would require dealing with that one thing that caused us (you and I) some trouble earlier - WHITE SUPREMACY.

My view, when talking about Race RELATIONS, there has to be a real conversations about RELATIONSHIPS. Power Relationships. In short, there can be no dialogue when a Slave - Master Relationship, a "Superior-to-Subordinate" relationship is asserted/imposed.

There is little to talk about when the ultimate decisions are not mutual ones. And, frankly, the whole process of what you call "dialog" wasn't equal, mutual... None of that.

Anyway... here are a couple more commentaries that may be of some use:

Misreading the Dream

No Small Dreams: The Radical Evolution of MLK's Last Years

And, actually Art_Gurl, your questions about what happened to the "dialog" would be much more well placed if you posed it to White America(ns). Clearly, that ball has always been in their court... which is why the POWER RELATIONSHIPS are so important. I would think this forum is and remains living proof that Black people sure aren't ignoring issues and refusing to talk.

Also, I still have no idea of what your idea of a "dialog" is.