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Reply to "The 'Promised Land': Why We're Still Waiting"

The legacy of King has become so twisted that more white Republican conservatives spout "I Have Dream" and "We Must Be Judged, Not By The Color of Our Skin But, By The Content of Our Character" than socially conscious African Americans seeking to realize the achievement of King's "Promised Land."

I am proud of Black Commentator. They made it to the second paragraph before they went on the attack.


Many who are involved in what THEY call "Civil Rights circa 2006" want everything BUT character to be the primary factor in JUDGEMENT.

We have no "civil rights movement" today. We have an IDEOLOGICALLY based agenda" that seeks to use countervailing forces of racial categorization to achieve a certain result. Of course as long as YOU agree with their methods you are fine. Point out the fact that they are making use of some of the very same tactics that are now illegal after years of their protests and you are likely to be attacked...certainly verbally attacked, maybe physically attacked.

I am not sure if the Black Commentator would know where the PRIMISED LAND is if it were to jump up and bite them on the behind. Their pages contained more discussion about their "ideological enemies" than what THEY actually stand for as an entity.
One day they will find that THE PROMISED LAND is free of their enemies but all of their management practices were established to have the people WORK AGAINST THE IMPOSITION BY THEIR ENEMIES. Now that they are alone in the PROMISED LAND they will need management practices that are INTERNALLY FOCUSED. They will need to get THE MASSES to move in a coordinated manner, creating a SYSTEM that is balanced but who's net produce is productive.

There is nothing on the pages of Black Commentator that I see as closely resembling the establishment of a settlement in "THE PROMISED LAND". I have viewed this outlet for no less than 3 years.