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Reply to "The Palin Gender Gap"

Sarah Palin has extreme radical views (Pro-life, Pro-gun, her "God's will" stance on issues) that don't appeal to those angry Reagan Democrats and feminists that Republicans are desperately trying to capture but with the Republican base, she energizes, therefore the bigger poll numbers.

Men drooling? White men drooling. Me? F*ck her.

That one of the many reasons that she was selected to woo White men with her so-called "White pretty girl" looks and her preceived manly way that she handles her political views.

For White men, she reminds them of what they don't have and wish they had at home instead of what they opted for; traditionally trained, submissive & dependent White women versus an outspoken strong, good looking mom who can go hunting/fishing/drinking with the boys, handle her business at home (housewife, mom & freak) as well as on the job.

For White men, the perfect wife.

White men are not paying attention to what she is saying or what she believes/represents, but daydreaming about what she "can do", if you get what I'm saying. fro

And for those thrilled conservative White women, she becomes that "American Idol" they have been searching for. They want to be Sarah Palin.
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