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Reply to "The object of my desire and (lust) has a new album out!!!"

Originally posted by Yemaya:
Where's the link to the new album???? lol stop drooling OCatchings.... lol

I can't help it. I remember the 1st time I heard/saw "Smooth Operator". It was in Grafenwohr, Germany and we were taking a break and someone played the video and I was smitten as it was love/lust at 1st sight.
(don't tell anyone, but the 1st time I saw the video, at the end when she shed that tear, I was shedding one as well, that's when I knew we were meant for each other) Shhhhh that's our secret. Razz

We left Graf and went back to Frankfurt and it was announced she was coming in concert. I looked and looked but "I never saw" where she was playing. The date she was supposed to play passed and the next day the DJ remarked how great a concert it was and said "by the way, if you didn't know, she spells her name S.A.D.E". Being the idiot I was, I had been looking for S.H.A.R.D.A.Y. sad bang

The next time I had the opportunity, I was home on leave from somewhere and she was playing the week after I was flying back; my dad laughed at me the entire trip to the airport.

I ocatchings vow that no matter what, I WILL SEE HER ON TOUR THIS TIME. I must have the chance to profess my love to that vision of beauty and grace.

I'm trying to find out some info, but it seems it may be a hoax and the exact date has not been determined.
No problem, I shall have sweet dreams until the album does arrive. Big Grin