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Reply to "The new US President is..."

and it is funny how a black will say black people need to get high-tech jobs and move from manufacturing but support the policy efforts of others than allows racist hiring practices in those very sectors....and with lowered college enrollment and educational attainment, the prospects of blacks entering these fields are reduced significantly....I guess motherfuckers do not remember a time in this country where black men with PhD's still had to work as waiters and busboys.....I guess they must have been a time when most white men barely finished hihg school....did not attend college and worked in a basic azz colonial agricutural society. Negroes who speak as if the battle ends when someone gets an education must not have too much of one themselves to even think some schit like that....but i'm kool because:

blkCons and their ilk cannot fix their mouths to admit they work against the interest of blacks politically

they cannot come up with an answer to why they support racist whites in reducing black opportunity.

they are too inferior to speak out against whites when discrimination against blacks is obvious...such as the lower scoring whites never being a part of the AA debate.

they do not acknowledge the reductions in professional inclusion and educational attainment they helped foster

and they do not acknowledge racism and discrimination against highly qualified blacks in the work and financial world

they do not see themselves as equals in terms of utilizing this countries resources...they promote a passive approach where black people walk away, segregate themselves and live a mrginal existence and not enjoy the full fruits of this country....

with that in mind...I always knew that they were troubled...but now that they cannot logically justify their own positions beyond bullschit rhetoric shows how fake their azzes really are....trying to cover up uncle tomming by placing it in a contemporary context as if they are adding sophistication to it.......that schit is funny and so are their "freaks of the race" azzes........