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Reply to "The new US President is..."

but under Clinton this country was really moving forward.

It's funny that during a time in the country where economic growth was stimulated by collusion between innovation from Silicon Valley and financial schemes from Wall Street you attribute this success to the government.

Just to take you on this trip back to reality can you tell me the greatest term that this time period produced from the mouths of Civil Rights Activists?

Was it:

A) Brothers and Sisters they are handing out venture capital funding like water!! You had better get a business plan together and go get some of this.

B) Capitalism is cicular in nature. Right now we are experiencing a peak in the cycle. Black people prepare yourselves to take advantage of the high tech jobs that are being created an move away from the manufacturing jobs.


C) "DIGITAL DIVIDE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black people are being LEFT BEHIND as the rest of the country prospers.

(Please note there were NO suggestions to develop businesses that offer shared use computers as I saw in Jamaica - in the residential areas, not just the tourist areas).

Just to bring you back to the realiity of that time:
Boeing announcement brings US job cuts to 500,000 in 1998

It's funny how I am labeled a "Bush Cheerleader" but you despite the clear evidence escape being labeled a Democratic Cheerleader above and beyond the interests of Black people ESPECIALLY when it comes to comprehensive school reform that would stem the need for Affrimative Action which has dependency on WHITE FOLKS to agree to allow you into school.