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Reply to "The name of our moon?"

WOW... there are lots of indigenous Australian names for the moon, depending on the region and the concept of 'moon' - whether it's a moon, or a symbol of a crescent shape, or the symbol of a month.

I know this is an African American site, but I thought you might be interested.

Indigenous Australians developed star navigation systems way back - probably before anyone else on the planet... so I guess that explains it.

I could have just posted a short list, but what the heck... here are all the names and dialects I could find. I've listed by each state of Australia geographic heading and then name of the regional dialects from each.

NSW region:
Bundjalung ... gibam
Ngiyampaa ... kapataa
Paakantyi ... paatyuka
The Sydney Language ... yanada
Wiradjuri ... giwang

Nyungar ... marradak & miaka (moon, month)
Gooniyandi ... jaalinyi
Yindjibarndi ... wilarra (moon, month, crescent shaped mark on rock)

VICTORIA region:
Wembawemba ... mithiyen (moon, month)

Diyari (<< closest approximation to this word due to keyboard limitations) ... pira
Kaurna ... kakirra

Datiwuy ... ngarlindi
Eastern Arrenrnte ... atnyentye (moon, month)
Murrinh-Patha ... merrk

Meryam Mir ... meb (moon, month)
Wik-Mungkan ... kep (moon, month)
Torres Straight Creole ... mun