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Reply to "The name of our moon?"

I'm sure this will create protest Wink but when it comes to sci-fi, I can't go past the film Existenz.

I haven't seen ExistenZ so I don't know if it meets my qualifications for science fiction or suggested science fiction.

Many people, myself included, do not consider STAR WARS to be science fiction. I call it space opera, being on the same level with Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. The Abyss: Special Edition is just about the best science fiction movie I know of The movie version falls kind of flat at the end. It is closely followed by 2001. The trouble with 2001 is the people aren't very warm or interesting. Babyon 5 is the best SF ever put on television, though personally I consider it to be just about the best television period.

This is from Babylon 5:

* "We are all slaves to our histories. If there is to be a .. bright future, we must learn to break those chains."- Ambassador Delenn, GROPOS"

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