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They're singing somebody else's song.


If Black Conservatives are "signing someone else's song" could you tell me on what point the Black Democrats who have a quasi-socialist track record differs from the core tenants of the Democratic Party?

Last year prior to the election I listened to a conference on C-SPAN in which all of the LEFT WING civil rights organizations (NRA considers itself a civil rights organization) gathered together to put forth their agenda.

There was the NAACP sitting next to the National Organization for Women, Lambda Legal Defense League (gay rights) and a few other organizations.

This meeting showed me how far to the left that the NAACP has strayed in these past few years. From the seismic announcement that the organization now has an official position in support of Abortion to the views of their leftwing CEO (Bond) who's views are much farther to the left than the average Black person - it is clear to me that YOU CAN'T TELL ME THAT THIS ORGANIZATION IS "IT'S OWN MAN".

In 2000 they created the "NAACP Voter Education Fund" that was created from a $9 million injection from the Democrats. The splinter organization that was created due to prohibitions per the tax laws in having the main org participate in political activities was lead by the same people of the main org and the main org felt comfortable in lending it's name to this new entity.

I believe that you would be best NOT to talk about echoing someone else's views. There is a long, long track record of this on the Black political left. In my view Jesse and Al when they say "WE" I don't know if they are talking about "We Blacks" or "We Democrats".