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Reply to "The Myth Of The Absent Black Fathers"

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  

Oh, stop hating; and stop assuming that because a man is not married to his child's mother or is not longer living in the same home with his ex-wife and his kids, he has nothing to do with with own children.


The truth is, the children of White ex-wives fair no better than children of Black single mothers where father involvement is concerned, and that is a fact and a truth that America tries to keep hidden and constantly lie or lie by omission about.


First they tried to spread the lie that children of Black single mothers didn't know their fathers, and since that has been debunked, then they started trying to spread the propaganda that Black fathers don't spend time with their child(ren).  


African American fathers are no different than any other race fathers in America, the situation and/or relationship they have with their child(ren) is all over the spectrum from heavily involved whether married to the mother or not or living in the same household not, to no involvement whatsoever, whether married to the mother or not or living the same household or not.


It really all boils down to the type man the child(ren)'s father is, his character, his integrity, and whether he chooses to not put himself before his own child(ren); [regardless of race, class, or circumstance].  


  Tiptoeing in this for a sec.  I agree.  White absentee fathers have the SAME problem and rates are just as high.  But I just wanna add for clarity that these study are designed to promote certain beliefs.  However, we must not forget that massa always had a hand in the role black fathers played in their children lives starting from slavery..hence the word "buck."   And then through the years have made it difficult for black males to be in their childrens' lives by way of lynchings, murders, subjugation, etc during Jim Crow all the way and beyond the civil rights movement, gang and police brutality.


 So from that viewpoint, since black males are a part of historic black genocide [including incarceration] for the sole purpose of controlling the population and the success of black culture, it stands to reason WHY white propaganda flies now regarding black fatherhood-it is a ploy to continue to make black men seem unhuman or for a better word subhuman i.e. an animal with the inability to have parental instincts to care for their off spring/young.  And besides alladat, who tells the truth in these surveys any way?  Can't you really depend on the credibility of any reports especially if it is stained with racism and bias?   And some reports are just that.  


And I'm not saying this one is but for me it is just good news to hear that black fathers are actively involved and an essential  part of their children's lives....especially when it has been the sole goal of  massa to KEEP THEM APART by any means necessary....making it  another unhealed social wound black people have to deal with....and for massa all he WOULD need after that is......salt.   So really you have to be open to what sounds realistic in order to  pick and choose what reports you gonna believe especially when it comes to black people.  Plus  white folks wanna continue to find ways to minimize who we are...because of our brilliance and high intellect in nation and society building. Tip toeing out.  But! 



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